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RadApes is an NFT series featuring 10,000 randomly generated apes.

RadApes are looking to make trouble on our DLT from January 2022 until we reach DAO singularity.

Rad in looks and behaviour, these apes will stop for nobody.


Until the Babylon release (late 2022) you can reserve RadApes by sending $XRD to the official RadApes wallet. Right now, RadApes are priced at 50 $XRD per NFT. But price will increase as we get closer to Babylon. In order for everyone to be able to join the tribe, the limit is 100 RadApe reservations per wallet.

Until Babylon, you will receive RadApe's reservation token $BANA to your wallet. $BANA will be distributed in batches once per day and can be swapped against a randomly selected RadApe NFT in the future!

You can follow the reservation status on our public dashboard.

To reserve 1 RadApe, send 50 $XRD from your Radix Wallet to:



Launch of art and community
0% ✅
2,500 $XRD giveaway to an early RadApe hodler
25% ✅
Apish Party in Lisbon, Portugal
50% ⏳
25,000 $XRD community-led charity donation
Launch of preliminary RadApes marketplace & Radix-NFT DAO


When can I mint and at what price?

10,000 unique RadApes will be minted as soon as Babylon is released, but you can already reserve some. Since the main goal of the project is to get more people into the Radix ecosystem, we decided to initially offer the apes for 50 $XRD.

How can I reserve a RadApe?

Send 50 $XRD to the official RadApes wallet. You find more information in the reservation section.

Can I buy several RadApes?

Since other projects had problems with that in the past, we decided to limit the supply per wallet to 100. If you want to buy more than 1 ape, just send the suitable amount of $XRD to our wallet. You don’t need to do multiple transactions.

Why haven't I received my token yet?

We send out $BANA manually at least once per day. Therefore, it can take up to 24 hours until you receive your token. No worries, we didn’t forget you!

Do the NFTs have any utility?

Your RadApe is your access to the exclusive Radix NFT jungle. You will be able to decide who we donate 25,000 $XRD to, if and how we launch additional tokens, and much more. Furthermore, you'll get access to events and the commercial rights to your NFT.

Who is behind the project?

The project is led by RayApe (engineering & art ape) and BelApe (marketing & community ape). We are $XRD maximalists and believe that NFTs are the best way to bring the masses to the only infinitely scalable L1 chain. Not paying $$$ gas to buy NFT art will make people think. That's why we decided to unleash the apes on Radix island.

Welcome to the Jungle

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